Not easy to choose from the range of ice machines (= ice cream makers) that exists. There are two types of machines: The “real” ice cream maker and simple turbine.

Both versions have a capacity ranging from 1.5L to 0.75 on average. The terms ice machine, turbine, ice cream maker have completely deviated and the two machines can be found under the same name (and me first to make no distinction). To be sure of your choice, simply look for the machine itself produces cold or not.


blue_ice_cream_machine_t10Produces cold on their own. This is what will differentiate the simple cold accumulating ice cream maker.  There are dozens of different versions on the market, with different capabilities. Its main drawback is the price, do not expect to find a correct under 200 €.

  • allows to chain multiple ice after,
  • little risk of failure.


  • the price!
  • cumbersome

It is now possible to acquire a real turbine Ice Shop Ice & Sorbet Go to the store .:)


Pogledajte-kako-nastaje-sladoledGenerally, it starts with this one, and if the means allow it quickly succumbs to the real turbine for convenience. Why? Because it does not itself produce the cold.

This machine consists of a cold accumulator block: you need to put in the freezer at least 48 hours before using. Once you turbiné ice, it must be viewed in the freezer for 48 hours before trying again. You soon realize his big drawback if you’re a (an) Devourer (honest) of ice cream. By level against price, it’s nicer suite: one finds around 20 or 30 € or less based promotions.


  • its price!
  • compactness


  • waiting time between manufacturing,
  • higher risk of failures.