Today, with the madness of ice cream makers, making his self-ice has become a breeze! The opportunity to revisit the classics (who does not dream of a vanilla ice cream with real vanilla?), or improvise by copying the major brands (hmmm, ice, cookies …).

Our advice and recipes for successful homemade ice cream:

For tiptop homemade ice cream, use an ice cream maker!
First, what is an ice cream maker? Well, it is a utensil consisting of a tray and a turbine, which will allow to lower the temperature of a preparation, while avoiding the formation of crystals.

Thus prepared its mixture, placed in the ice cream maker, and we get an ice very quickly (in less than 1 hour!).

There are 3 types of ice cream makers, with more or less sophisticated refrigeration systems:

Single cream maker

Composed of a turbine and a tray to place the freezer in direct contact with the wall.

prizes at 20-25 €.

Sorbetière storage

Works with a cold disk that is placed in advance in the freezer. Once frozen disk (expect 18 to 24), it is available at the bottom of the ice cream maker: the cold will spread with the turbine.

Prizes from 45 €.

Standalone ice cream maker

Has its own cooling system.

Between 150 and 500 €.


Your device of choice will depend on your budget, the use you intend to do (are you a big eater ice throughout the year?), Or the size of your freezer .

And watch out for the capacity of the tank! Take a ferry 1L, 1.5L minimum (or you can not serve your delicious homemade ice cream to your guests …). Finally, make sure that the preparation is well cool before churn, otherwise the ice will not take …

And if one does not want an ice cream? You can very well make ice cream maker free! It will take more time and you have to manually mix the ice several times.

Specifically, we place the preparation in the freezer, and remix after 1 hour (with a whisk or mixer).then puts the preparation in the freezer, and remixes every 1,5 hour until an ice (a texture without crystals).

The basic recipe and ice and other ice cream recipes.

Should be differentiated ice and ice cream: the first is based on eggs, second only full cream base.

Ice cream

For 4 people, count 250g double cream, 250g of milk and 100g sugar.

Boil the milk with 50g sugar. Assemble the cream and tighten with the remaining 50g sugar. Once cooled milk, mix it with whipped cream gently.


For 4 people, allow 4 egg yolks, 50 ml milk and 100g sugar.

Same technique as for the custard: whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until bleaching. Pour over all the boiling milk, stir and put on medium heat, stirring constantly, until épaissisement cream (it should coat the spatula).

You can make all kinds of ice from these two recipes:

  • Add good spices (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, etc.)
  • Try various kinds of milk (condensed milk, coconut milk, vegetable milk …)
  • Stir in melted chocolate or fruit purées

Tips to make good homemade ice cream

To prevent your ice hardens, you can use an ice stabilizer. If any loans chemical use (available in specialty food stores), one can very well use ingredients that it is easy to keep in our closets. For a creamy ice, you can add to your preparation:

  • A tablespoon cornstarch, rice or flower corn or custard powder, add after cooking of your preparation
  • 20 g of glucose, honey (neutral if the taste is strong) or rice syrup (in organic store) to be added to the beginning
  • 2 egg whites. Add the first white mounted snow for the turbine, and once it is incorporated, add the beaten white just the second fork.