The different types of ice cream maker

There are three types of ice cream maker: simple ice cream maker, ice cream maker to build and independent ice cream maker.

Single cream maker

soft_ice_cream_machineThe first ice cream makers were simple ice cream makers but today we find less and less for the reason that they are not very convenient to use .

The principle of operation is quite simple, you fill the container with your preparation and you put the ice cream maker in the freezer while linking it to current.Just wait 30 to 60 minutes for your ice cream is ready.

So you understand why these ice cream makers are not very practical, it is indeed a thread out of your freezer so it will work. Also it takes quite a place accordingly. This is the main reason why we do not find a lot of single cream maker in the stores.

Ice cream maker storage

Soft_Serve_Ice_Cream_MachineToday accumulation sorbetière am one of the most bought ice cream makers because they are more accessible in terms of price / quality ratio . For it to work you need a source that can generate cold in order to make the ice and the cold source exists in two forms.

  • The first form is a saline solution previously placed in the freezer that will be placed in the wall of the bowl of the ice cream maker so that the cold can be returned.
  • The second form of generating cold is to use a bowl battery you once again put in the freezer for several hours (between 10 and 12 hours) before making your ice.

The mode of operation of this ice cream maker is just as simple, you put your bowl in your freezer storage between 10 and 12 hours before making your ice.Once the bowl is cold enough, you put it in your ice cream maker you connect to an electrical outlet. You simply have to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the turbine do its job. Once this is complete you can enjoy your ice directly, or you can place it in a sealed container you put in the freezer a few hours to harden the ice.

Standalone ice cream maker

cone_ice_cream_machineAlso called ice cream maker , this type of ice cream maker produces a larger amount of ice than any other type of ice cream maker. So if in your family you are the only person to eat ice cream, ice cream maker looking for is more in store for you will many economies.

With this machine you do not need to place some in the freezer for storing cold because it will itself be capable of producing cold. This machine is also suitable for those who want to make ice on a whim because you will only have to place your item directly in the turbine and you do not need to go about it at least 12H advance by placing a battery in the freezer.

But how cold is produced? To produce cold, ice cream maker has its own refrigeration unit. Therefore turbine prices rise very quickly.

Ice cream maker or turbine?

ice-cream-plate-1228Now that the main characteristics of the ice cream makers were presented you probably still hesitate a bit between one of the two machines. Do not worry, it’s normal the question ” What to choose between ice cream maker and ice cream maker? ” often returns and help you a little bit more in your choice, we will make a small guide summary of the advantages of these machines.

The advantages of the ice cream maker

  • Fairly compact, it will be discreet in your closet
  • More affordable price

The advantages of the ice cream maker

  • No need to wait, you can start manufacturing ice at any time
  • Can produce large amount of ice

The criteria to be considered

recipe-image-legacy-id--560491_11As with every product there are several criteria to consider prior to purchasing it. If you are on this page is that you probably are a novice in this area and therefore you are looking for information. We will therefore present clearly the main criteria.

First at the budget , if you have a big budget you can guide your choice to the turbine to enjoy a professional quality machine. Otherwise continue to read the guide to better narrow down your choices.

The storage capacity of the bowl is also crucial if you are a large family, choose a higher volume and therefore the family ice cream maker is ideal. The capacity generally ranges between 1 liter and 1.6-liter and the majority of ice recipes are designed for 1.5-liter ice cream makers.

The cooling time for the battery is usually between 10 and 12, however, some machines require more time and can thus reach 18pm.

The setting time of the ice is also indicated in the characteristics of the machine, this time varies between 30 and 60 minutes.