Solution for soft ice cream and sorbets

It is a common question: why the ice but especially the homemade sorbets are harder than preparations retail, and above all, how to fix it?

The invert sugar , in addition to the usual tricks, is a relatively effective solution. It is a product easy to prepare himself and could not be more natural. Professionals can find already prepared under the brand name Trimoline.

distillery-grade-non-alcoholic-invert-sugar-syrup-276520The properties of the invert sugar

syrup of invert sugar is a translucent viscous liquid that has the ability to absorb water, without releasing. Further, the invert sugar syrup never recrystallized, unlike sucrose we normally use. In sum, it would allow our ice cream not to have unpleasant ice crystals and to be relatively soft even out of freezer.

Moreover, invert sugar is sweeter than sucrose by about 20%. It is important to know not to end up with a too sweet ice.

Invert sugar is frequently used by professionals to get more moist cakes, reduce cooking time, avoiding re-crystallization of the sugar, grain, and to stabilize ice cream. In the bakery, it gives a crisp golden crust, when added at the end of kneading. Finally, it prevents drying of the preparations during thawing.

Some chemistry

Without going into details, invert sugar is obtained by hydrolysis of sucrose (our powdered sugar).Thus a product consisting of glucose and fructose in equal amounts. The hydrolysis can be done using an enzyme, or an acid. You see me coming … we originally powdered sugar, then with an acid (lemon juice, for example?), We could get this famous invert sugar? Well yes! Nothing is easier eventually.

industrial_invert_syrupsHow to make

To do this, place in a saucepan 500g of powdered sugar, 250 ml of water and a good teaspoon of lemon juice. Slowly heat to boiling, without touching it. It may be interesting to have a thermometer because ideally, the fire must be cut as soon as the mixture reaches 114 ° C. Stop immediately baking pan soaking in cold water. Cool to room temperature. The invert sugar syrup can be stored more than 6 months in the fridge in an airtight container.

How to use the invert sugar

Invert-Sugar-257755_imageInvert sugar syrup can be used whenever you want a soft result: ice creams, sorbets, cakes, brioche … Replace the powdered sugar with the same amount less 20% of your syrup invert sugar. For example, if you need 100 grams of powdered sugar, put 80 g invert sugar syrup (100 g – 20%).

For ice cream: just replace sugar with invert sugar syrup (still less than 20%).

For the sorbet: do the same, but also remove much of the water often requested by the recipe.